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Revitalize your logo to reflect the evolution of your brand!

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Maintains a relevant brand in the market.

Renew your visual identity and captivate your audience again!

When is it a good idea?


Your logo looks outdated in comparison with


Your logo loses legibility or clarity by collapsing it.


The company has changed its focus, products or values.


The logo has multiple elements that make its reproduction difficult

To redesign is to refresh your image so that it is aligned with current trends and your company's values. It is like giving a second life to your visual identity, keeping the best of the past and adding a fresh and modern touch, but why is logo redesign so important for your company? Let me explain: the logo is the face of your brand, it is the first thing your customers see and remember about you. A well-designed and updated logo can help improve the perception of your brand, convey professionalism and keep your clients' interest.


In addition, logo redesign allows you to adapt to changes in the market and keep your brand relevant and competitive. And here's the catch: logo redesign is not only important for your brand image, but also for your business in general. An updated and attractive logo can help increase your brand recognition, attract new customers and generate more sales. It can also revitalize your team's passion and enthusiasm, inspiring them to work even harder to achieve your business goals.




Make an update to your existing visual identity (from existing logo).

  • Report of the current visual status.

  • Concept generation from general scheme.

  • Logo proposal

  • Standard brandbook.

  • Original artwork and transparencies.

  • Design of 3 brand applications (stationery, stickers).

  • Trademark background check ( Colombia )

  • Surprise bonus

+ 10 labor days + Periodic controls


If you want to keep the essence and your style but in a more versatile and modern proposal, this package is for you.

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