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My full name?

Luis Carlos


I help entrepreneurs and business owners communicate their purpose through good design, illustration, and branding. My work is characterized by its disruptive and eloquent factor.

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Visual Communication - Digital Content - Digital Illustration - Branding Campaigns Management - Creative Initiatives - Brand Auditor 


My passion for graphic design goes beyond creating 'pretty things'; for me, it's largely about inspiring and guiding my fellow designers on their creative journey. Through mentoring, I not only share my expertise but also constantly challenge myself, keeping me in a state of continuous development and evolution as a creative professional (which, trust me, benefits you).

My true drive lies in collaborating with passionate individuals who seek to go beyond the conventional and strive for excellence with their business projects. I'm excited to work with open minds, those who aim to make a significant impact through good design. If you're looking for not just a designer but a committed collaborator who shares your vision and is willing to take your project to new heights, I'm here to make it happen. Let's bring your ideas to life and leave a lasting mark together.

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